The Hajj Affairs Office of Nigeria (NAHCON) hereby invites reputable, competent, licensed and registered Caterers to apply for the provision of feeding services to Nigerian pilgrims in Makkah, Madinah, Masha’eer, Jeddah and Madinah Airports for the 2017/1438 Hajj season. 1. CONDITIONS OF APPLICATION: a) Evidence of valid Registration with Saudi relevant Authorities (Saudi Ministry of Commerce, Health and Ministry of Hajj) respectively; b) Evidence of ownership of a certified Kitchen and Restaurant; c) License/Permit of the Kitchen/Restaurant to provide food services to pilgrims; d) Comprehensive profile of the Establishment with proof of expertise. (3) years experience in the provision of food services to Nigerian pilgrims satisfactorily will be added advantage. e) Photographs and detailed description of the Kitchen facilities and menus thereof (soft copy to be attached); f) Evidence of financial capability to provide adequate and sufficient feeding services and necessary guarantees of a minimum number of 5,000 pilgrims at a time; g) Successful applicants shall be required to partner with accredited Nigerians in the provision and preparation of local foods h) Readiness to provide Bank guarantee before payment of any advance fee; and i) Certified Translated Copy (CTC) of the above mentioned documents in English language should be attached. 2. FACILITIES OF THE KITCHEN/RESTAURANT: a) The Kitchen must be of international standard with all the necessary safety and logistics facilities such as adequate serviceable delivery vans, industrial food warmers, etc ; and b) The meals prepared must be hygienic and nutritious; experience in preparing Nigerian local dishes is required. 3. MODE OF APPLICATION: a) Application Form should be collected at the Consulate General Office of Nigeria, Al-Orouba Street, Mushrefah District, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; and b) Completed application form should be submitted at the point of collection within two (2) weeks from the date of this publication. 4. Applicants are advised to NOTE that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted for further screening. Signed Management GUIDELINES FOR THE PROVISION OF FOOD SERVICES TO NIGERIAN PILGRIMS FOR THE 2017 HAJJ SEASON All Caterers interested in the provision of food services to Nigerian pilgrims for the 2017 Hajj season shall fulfill the following requirements: I) COMPANY REQUIREMENTS: Any Catering Company applying to provide pilgrims’ feeding shall: a) Be duly registered as a corporate entity by the Saudi Authorities with a minimum share capital of SR2,000,000.00 (Two Million Saudi Riyals and at least three (3) years experience in feeding Nigerian pilgrims satisfactorily; b) Be duly registered with the Muassasah/Adillah Establishment and Saudi Ministry of Hajj E-Track system; c) Be duly licensed to provide pilgrims’ feeding in the Kingdom; d) Have a standard kitchen with a permanent signboard affixed therein; e) Have representative/staff who should at all time respond to any enquiry that may be made by the Commission’s representatives in the course of inspection or other clarifications needed; f) Have qualified caterers with all the necessary permits from the Saudi relevant authorities; and g) Must produce clearance from Muassassah/Adillah that the pilgrims’ feeding services rendered for the previous year was satisfactory. II) KITCHEN REQUIREMENTS: a) Must be standard and well equipped with modern facilities; b) Must be duly licensed to operate by the relevant Saudi Authority; c) Must be located in a suitable environment; and d) Must be in operation year round. III) SERVICES REQUIREMENTS: In addition to the above, applicants understand that they shall undertake to provide the following services; a) Ensure the cleanliness of the environment at all times; b) Ensure timely delivery of the meals; c) Ensure the provision of customized coupons to pilgrims; d) Daily reconciliation of meals served; and e) Provide serving personnel and utilize the dining facilities in the pilgrims’ accommodation. IV) OTHER REQUIREMENTS: Applicants should submit the following along with their application forms: a) Certified translated copies of all Arabic documents (Company license, kitchen/Restaurant licenses, registration documents, bank references, etc) in English language; b) The Caterer must have the financial strength to undertake the services, and shall provide all the necessary Bank guarantees before payment of any advance fees; c) Any other document(s) indicating ownership of the Kitchen/Restaurant should be provided; d) Soft copies of all information concerning Kitchen/Restaurant and their locations; and e) Comprehensive Company’s profile. All applicants shall bring along and present the following documents during the screening exercise: f) Original copies of all the supporting documents attached (for sighting). g) Letter of authorization or the Company’s I.D. card from the applicant company for representatives that are not owners/Directors of the company; h) Pictures of Kitchen/Restaurant showing the front view; equipments and other facilities in the kitchen.


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