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Sequel to the distribution of 2016 Hajj slots to the 36 States of the Federation, the FCT and the Armed Forces, the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON), wishes to clarify as follows:

The 2016 Hajj slots should entirely be allocated to FIRST TIMERS ONLY. This is to give ample opportunity to those that have not performed the Hajj to discharge their obligation. However, Hajj officials are hereby exempted from this restriction due to essential nature of their duties. This is in line with Pilgrims’ Registration guidelines issued by the Commission recently.

Similarly, all Pilgrims Welfare Bodies/Agencies/Commissions are expected to collect payment deposits from intending pilgrims and remit same to the Commission as and when due, in line with the 2016 Hajj calendar of events. Reservation of slots for any reason whatsoever, including Government Sponsored pilgrims beyond the stipulated deadline for pilgrims registration is strictly is not acceptable as doing so will undermine Nigeria’s full compliance to the Saudi Hajj e-track requirement which usually results to loss of Hajj slots.

Any Pilgrims Welfare Body or Tour Operator that collects payment from any intending pilgrim for 2016 Hajj and is unable to take such person for Hajj for no fault of the intending pilgrim, will bear the additional cost that might arise in the process of conveying such pilgrim for Hajj.

The above positions are taken at the end of the 7th Board meeting of the Commission held on Thursday 14th April, 2016.



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