NAHCON Commends Kogi State Muslim Pilgrims’ Commission


The Chairman/Chief Executive Officer and management of National Hajj Commission of Nigeria wishes to commend the Kogi State Hajj Commission (KSHC) for its proper management of general matters pertaining to 2019 Hajj preparations.

In particular, NAHCON congratulates the Kogi state commission for being the first to renew its license with NAHCON in compliance with the rules and regulations of the national Hajj body. Milestones like these ease the job of the nation’s Hajj handlers curtailing hiccups that may be experienced during peak period of the annual Muslims’ pilgrimage to the Holy land.

Apart from renewal of its license, the KSHC has moved ahead in decentralizing structures of pilgrims’ screening across its three senatorial districts as well as decentralizing medical screening across same zones. The state pilgrims’ commission has also been in the forefront of carrying out pilgrims’ enlightenment on electronic and print media in addition to one-on-one pilgrims education campaigns. Initiatives like these explain the coordinated execution of Hajj schedules that KSHC has come to be recognised with.

Indeed, NAHCON had during 2018 Hajj commended the same Kogi Commission for its timely preparations that ultimately saw its pilgrims being first to be airlifted into and from Saudi Arabia.

It is NAHCON’s prayer that KSHC under the Chairmanship of Sheikh Luqman Imam Abdullahi will continue to achieve admirable feats in Hajj management that will take the state and nation at large to international reverence.

Fatima Sanda Usara