The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria, NAHCON, once again advises Nigerian pilgrims to concentrate on acts of worship while in Saudi Arabia which is the primary purpose for embarking on Hajj.

The Commission furthermore counsels its pilgrims to follow instructions of their respective pilgrims welfare boards or Tour Operator Companies, as the case may be, in their own interest. They are also admonished to abide by rules and regulations of Saudi Arabia, especially on crowd control.

In addition, pilgrims are cautioned to desist from joining any group or organization from any part of the world that intends to hold political/religious demonstrations or campaigns. Neither should they engage in political discussions detrimental to sanctity of the host country, nor allow themselves to be cajoled into joining any group that plans to violate Saudi Arabia’s Hajj guidelines. Should this happen, affected pilgrims are directed to report the persons to their state officials or to call NAHCON help line on this number: 920008251

It is pertinent to remember that displaying banners or pamphlets with political undertones whether on Muna tents, buses, pilgrims’ accommodations is not allowed. Only Islamic literature is to be carried along. Islamic scholars are urged to please guide pilgrims elaborately on this matter.

This warning has become necessary considering that Hajj season is approaching its peak, a time when pilgrims from several nations of the world converge to fulfill the fifth pillar of Islam.

Fatima Sanda Usara,

Head, Public Affairs,