The Nigeria Hajj Affairs Office hereby invites all interested qualified licensed and officially registered companies to provide catering services in the field of preparing, packaging and delivering of nutritious meals for Nigerian pilgrims in Makkah, Madinah, Jeddah Airport and the Holy sites of Muna and Arafat for the 1441 AH/2020 Hajj season.

1)  Application’s Requirements:

A)     Proof of Identity of the Company

i)     Copy of Commercial registration/license of the company with Saudi Arabia (original to be cited later)

ii)     Copy of the current membership of the Chamber of Commerce (Original to be cited later).

iii)     Copy of the valid municipal (Baladiyyah) license specifying the address and place of the company (original to be cited later).

iv)     Copy of Certificate of the Social Insurance Institute for the year 2020 specifying the number of employees registered in the company (Original to be cited later).

v)     Proof of previous experience: certificate of satisfactory performance in the provision of catering services for pilgrims in the last three (3) years or contracts that have been implemented in rendering feeding services to Nigerian pilgrims (original documents will be assessed later).

B)     Proof of ownership of the Kitchen and the certificate of accreditation of the competent authorities, with photographs of the kitchen and its internal equipment and its meal specifications (to be provided with accompanying CD-ROM).

C)     Proof of financial capability:

i)     Ability of the company and its capability to render services for 5,000 (five thousand) pilgrims at a time.

ii)     The share capital which should not be less than 2,000,000 SAR (Two Million Saudi Riyals) which must be clearly written on the license of the company.

iii)     The company shall also provide its statement of account (in English)  for the last three calendar years (in order to clarify the ability of the company to meet its obligations).

iv)      The company that was eventually approved by the Nigeria Hajj Affairs Office to participate in the feeding exercise must partner with an accredited Nigerian Catering firm duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria and must engage the service of Nigerians for the preparation of local Nigerian food in accordance with the agreed menu. In addition to sourcing of substantial quantity of the required food stuff/ingredients from Nigeria.

v)     Any company that provide evidence in compliance with the criterion stated in clause (iv) above and demonstrated ability to prepare Nigerian food will be given a favorable consideration.

vi)     A copy of the certified translation of the documents required from Arabic to English.

2. Specifications of Caterers

i) The caterer must operate at a high level of efficiency and must possess all the facilities, and utilities required for the catering services.

ii) The Caterer must provide evidence of its capacity to provide healthy and nutritious meals for up to at least 5,000 pilgrims.

1)     Application Form

i)     The application form shall be obtained from the website of the Commission

ii)     The application should be filled and submitted through the same website not later than 07/11/2019 by 3.00pm latest, noting that the site would be closed at the same time.

iii)     Please note that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted for further and necessary actions. Meanwhile the Nigerian Hajj affairs office reserved the right to shortlist or disqualify any company whose form is improperly filled or with incomplete documentation

iv)     Similarly, companies with issues during the previous years Hajj related to its integrity or performance, or failure to fulfill contractual obligation with Nigeria Hajj Affairs Office or shortage in the performance of the services entrusted to them, or with pending investigation matters before the authority or any matter in court, need not to apply.

2)     NOTE: This application is not intended to create any form of contractual relationship or obligations on the part of Nigeria Hajj Affairs Office. In addition, Nigeria Hajj Affairs Office shall not be liable to any applicant for any expenses or loss incurred in connection with the application