By Abubakar Bello Kaoje

The Chairman National Hajj Commission of Nigeria, Alhaji Zikirullahi Kunle Hassan, received in audience, the distinguished members of the Supreme Council for Sharia in Nigeria, who paid a courtesy visit to  him in his Office.

The Chairman who was speaking at the occasion, told his guests that his recent appointment as the NAHCON’s Chairman is no doubt a divine call in the service of humanity. The Chairman emphasized that he and his Executive Commissioners have never had the idea of the appointment as they never nursed the ambition in their minds. The Chairman therefore pledged his commitment to serve faithfully in order to derive the full spiritual benefit of the appointment.

Alhaji Zikirullahi, reiterated the vision of the Fourth Board of NAHCON in making the performance of Hajj affordable, reducing the duration of the number of days our pilgrims spend in Saudi Kingdom during Hajj Operations and also Professionalising the Administration of Hajj in the nearest future.

The Chairman, therefore expressed his willingness to partner with such a Council in any area where the Council could positively impact on the Commission especially in the area of enhancing Hajj operations in Nigeria. The Chairman added that the Commission and the Council share common vision of helping the Common man. He said most of the intending pilgrims are Common people who need to be helped. He opined that when Hajj Savings Scheme eventually materializes, would tremendously solve most of the problems of Hajj in the country.

Speaking on the purpose of the visit, the leader of the delegation, Sheikh Rasheed Hadyatullah, told the Chairman that they were in Hajj House to associate with his commitment and zeal to work for the common man by making Hajj affordable. The leader of the delegation who disclosed that his long acquaintances with the Chairman for his forthrightness and honesty, gave him a ray of hope that the Fourth Board of NAHCON under the leadership of Alhaji Zikirullahi Kunle Hassan, would certainly succeed in realizing of its dreams.

The Leader therefore advised the Commission to formulate good and laudable policies that could translate into far reaching positive effects for the Commission’s operations.

In the same vein, Sheikh Hadyatullah, outlined the cardinal objective of the Council, which according to him is the umbrella for all Muslim Ummah and is centred in ensuring good governance and sanity in our society.

Some members of the Council also gave out useful pieces of advice to the Commission which dwelt on the Nigerian Pilgrims outing to Mina on the 7th of Dhul Hijjah which clealy contravenes Hajj injunction instead of the 8th of Dhul Hijjah as enshrined in Sharia, the need for intensifying the pilgrims’ enlightenment campaigns for their’ education and fervent prayers to Allah SWA in order to achieve success.

The Chairman, assured his guests of exploring all the areas they observed with a view to finding solutions to them but also intimated his guests that the Commission is not absolutely in control of all Hajj Policy guidelines but would not relent in working with the relevant Saudi Authorities to alleviate some of these problems.


Abubakar Bello Kaoje

Assistant Director Information