Today marks the end of Holy month of Ramadan, a month of fasting, an end that ushers in Eid al-Fitr celebrations.
Before we continue with our celebrations, I want to take a moment to reiterate an important lesson of Ramadan, reorientation. This is the process of shifting our perspectives, beliefs, and behaviours towards positive change.

The month of Ramadan is a month of reorientation, a period that refocuses the Muslim towards discipline, modesty, and self-restraint. If Muslims can eschew the very human urges, nay necessities, of food, drink and conjugal relations during the daytime for one consecutive month, yet still stand strong, certainly man is more adaptable than he knows. Man can therefore be more generous with his privileges and remain fortunate and happy. Let us thus reflect on our individual behaviours and their impact on ourselves and those around us when it comes to the welfare of one another. It is crucial to recognize how our actions affect others. Ramadan teaches consideration for the less privileged, empathy for those in dire situations and the fact that happiness lies in sharing your prosperity with fellow men. The taste of joy at the time of breaking the fast is the same taste of relief that your brother enjoys when you fulfil his legitimate wants. Let us ponder at this because it is a perspective that could change someone’s life.

Inconsideration for others can lead to misunderstandings, conflicts, and even cause harm to us, meanwhile being considerate would not reduce one’s prosperity, because the Almighty has blessed earth with vastness of the potentials for man to explore.
There are many ways we can work towards a more balanced and fulfilling life for one another as Nigerians. By making conscious efforts to be more disciplined and considerate, we can create a more harmonious environment for ourselves. We often find ourselves stuck in patterns or mindsets that no longer serves us well. A deliberate self-assessment and redirection offers us the opportunity to break free from these limitations and embrace new ways of thinking and living. The rewards of self-reorientation can be profound – greater fulfilment, improved relationships, and a sense of purpose and direction.
The journey of reorientation starts with self-awareness – taking the time to reflect on our beliefs, values, and goals. From there, we can identify areas where we may need to adjust and set clear intentions for the positive changes we wish to make. It is important to recognize that change is not always easy. It requires courage, dedication, and a willingness to step outside of our comfort zones and bad influences.
Let us embark on this journey of reorientation for our better selves, unlocking our full potential and creating lives of meaning and fulfilment for ourselves and others. Let us find solace in the hope that accompanies this auspicious occasion of eid-el-fitr. May this Eid mark the beginning of a journey towards unity, peace, and renewal. Together, let us strive for harmony, discipline, and compassion, knowing that through perseverance and solidarity, brighter days await all of us as countrymen. Let this day be a celebration of faith, unity, and gratitude for the blessings bestowed upon us. Eid Mubarak.

Jalal Ahmad Arabi OON fwc,