Attention of the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria, NAHCON, was drawn to a video making the rounds on social media on a lady, Binta Tukur from Katsina who allegedly arrived Madinah two weeks ago but went missing with neither valid travel documents nor cash. She is said to have become stranded in a Hotel lobby in Makkah at the mercy of strangers from among whom a good Samaritan decided to create the video message in reference.

NAHCON has been able to contact the family of the said person in Nigeria and confirmed that the lady did not travel to Madinah for Umrah. The family confirmed that an agent, with the purpose of finding Malama Binta a menial job, masterminded her transportation to Saudi Arabia, from where the two lost each other.

Consequently, the Commission commenced investigation into the case and had since involved Nigerian Consulate in Jeddah to take up the matter. The good news is that she is presently in the custody of the Nigerian Consulate in Jeddah, where her travel documents, including air ticket, have already been processed for her return journey to Nigeria.

Meanwhile, the Commission is making concerted efforts to locate the agent responsible for the victim’s voyage to Saudi Arabia for purpose of carrying out further investigation.

The Commission however wishes to advise the general public to always report such eventualities to Nigeria’s Consulate or Embassy in the country where it happened. This way, necessary action will be taken immediately while also safeguarding the victim’s identity. This will also help to address the public embarrassment such situations bring upon the country not to mention the trauma and ridicule relatives of people paraded in such videos go through.

The following helplines can be reached to report such cases:

Head of Inspectorate and Compliance
Director, Admin/HR
Head/Public Affairs
S.A Chairman/CEO

Fatima Sanda Usara,
Head/ Public Affairs Division,